s1s2S – stellar
She and Novel are sisters. They usually double-team Diversion with bad jokes. Has a special ability to suddenly appear in home-made camouflage gear.

Loves driving games. Born to drive. Also has a near obsession to ‘shiny’ things.



Generally only plays role-playing games. Teaches himself magic in his spare time. Believes in save-points.



Snipe, snipe, snipe. Also, the younger sister. And not to mention the special ability she has, just like Stellar.


He’s the poor guy that bought the console. Seemingly the only one with any rational thoughts or common sense. Not that anyone listens to him.

Spikes his fur, that’s not a third ear. He doesn’t care so much about video games unless he wins. Then you never hear the end of it.

neonN neon
Really horrible at video games. But not at gardening.




cc1C.C. (or Captain Canada)
Self-claimed Captain Canada. Nobody’s thought to ask his real name. Has a dream of living in an igloo on snowy tundra. He was probably on his way there until he met ze aliens.

Dude. How did he get stuck with all these crazy Canadians?